AI software for capital markets

TriLS Trading Learning System per algo trading

Within the framework of our partnership with the Polytechnic University of the Marche Region and through our subsidiary ATS ReLab, we study and develop solutions based on AI models applied to the capital market.

Our work on AI software for financial markets, which begins with scientifically recognized research, also acknowledged in some publications in international journals, is based on three pillars:

1.Post-trade analysis functionalities, allowing the explanation of operations through high-explainability models.
2.Pre-trade predictive functionalities, enabling real-time operation orientation by generating signals
directly usable by OMS/EMS platforms and automated trading
3. 3. Integration into machine learning models of highly diversified data, such as market data,
micro- and macro-economic indicators, and news.


Trading Learning System for algo trading

The solution provides predictive information to implement specific brokerage strategies based on quantitative analysis such as TWAP and WWAP.

Through the use of multiple artificial intelligence metrics (Machine and Deep Learning), it determines, predictively and precisely for each minute, the prospective value of volumes and prices for any financial underlying.


Trading Learning System for asset management

The AI solution for capital market that provides predictive information regarding market trends to implement asset management strategies, having knowledge of prices,trends, and the related variables that influenced them.

Through the competition among multiple artificial intelligence metrics (Machine Learning), it predictively determines the precise value and expected trend over various time horizons, for each individual day or minute, for any financial underlying.

Low Latency

The integrated OEMS platform. It is based on the proprietary 0LF software infrastructure that ensures maximum modularity and scalability by leveraging the capabilities of multi-core architectures.

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Trading Automation

The platform that automates trading decisions through models/algorithms based on quantitative analysis of economic and financial phenomena.
Jagged Island is a platform of Sparkling Rocks, an innovative startup participated in by ATS.

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