Exchange trading platform

EXP.0 Exchange trading platform


Exchange Port (OEMS)

is a technologically advanced  Front/Middle Office system, a multi asset trading platform integrated with advanced features to handle the entire order and quote lifecycle, both for proprietary and third-party accounts for institutional and retail clients. Its modularity allows enabling individual APPs (modules) based on specific operational needs.


EXP point zero

it is the order execution management system (OEMS) integrated with low-latency performance capable of supporting the operational evolution of intermediaries in the coming years. It natively integrates artificial intelligence and algo trading platforms. Extending the concept of modularity by incorporating third-party developed APPs (modules).

Clients can outsource EXP/EXP.0 solutions by acquiring them in a SaaS configuration, benefiting from total cost of ownership advantages.
ATS retains all Operations services responsibilities, including hardware management (facility management), software management (application management), and service delivery to users (help desk).


Low Latency Order Routing

is a next-generation order routing system that interconnects sell-side brokers with buy-side clients who, due to the nature of their operations (e.g., algo trading), require services for access to HFT (High Frequency Trading) markets capable of handling “large” volumes with order traversal times in the “one-digit” millisecond range (low latency).


Broker Operation Booster

is an EMS capable of managing DMA, best, care, algo orders and directing them to interconnected markets (membership, brokers) with value-added functionalities based on artificial intelligence models that enhance desk operations automation, increasing efficiency, quality, and business by enabling new services for clients.


The platform based on artificial intelligence models with analysis functionalities to support the decision-making phase and trend indicators for trading operations. TrILS is a platform of ATS ReLab, an innovative startup controlled by ATS.

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Trading Automation

The platform that automates trading decisions through models/algorithms based on quantitative analysis of economic and financial phenomena.
Jagged Island is a platform of Sparkling Rocks, an innovative startup participated in by ATS

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