Quant-friendly platform for intelligent quantitative trading

Jagged Island intelligent quantitative trading system

Jagged Island® is a powerful asset management software for algorithmic trading, designed to manage the entire decision-making process: from the development and testing of strategies to real-time monitoring of financial KPIs across multiple asset classes. It provides a wide range of dedicated tools for all involved organizational areas, including compliance.

The modularity of Jagged Island® allows for adaptation to various business needs, offering automation features, scalability, programmability, and high-value-added functionalities.

The benefits of our intelligent quantitative trading platform

Jagged Island® simplifies and speeds up the entire operational process.

End users can independently define trading strategies and develop their models without the need for IT interventions, ensuring intellectual property ownership.

It is equipped with native integrations with major trading systems and information providers such as Bloomberg or Refinitiv.

The different environments, data quality, and available functionalities facilitate and accelerate the development, validation, backtesting, and deployment phases of models without the need for adaptation for different testing and trading phases.

The low-latency architecture enables the management of complex models that require high data flows and significant processing loads. High performance is also guaranteed in the automatic forwarding of orders to the market.

Low Latency

The integrated OEMS platform. It is based on the proprietary 0LF software infrastructure that ensures maximum modularity and scalability by leveraging the capabilities of multi-core architectures.

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The platform based on artificial intelligence models with analysis functionalities to support the decision-making phase and trend indicators for trading operations. TrILS is a platform of ATS ReLab, an innovative startup controlled by ATS.

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