Our initiatives for sustainable technological development and data security

We always aim to have a positive impact beyond business and are aware of how crucial it is today to invest in and take a leading role in sustainable policies.

Humanitarian missions, investments in the environment, and a focus on ongoing professional development through training are some concrete examples of our everyday sustainable commitment.








Logo Treedom

Together with Treedom, our ‘ATS Green Bit’ and ‘TrenATS’ forests were born in celebration of our 30 years.

Treedom is the first platform that allows you to plant trees remotely and follow the project’s story online that your contribution will help realize.

Over three years, we commit to planting 200 trees, actively contributing to the environment through:

  • Global CO2 absorption
  • Reforestation
  • Biodiversity protection
  • Combating desertification and soil erosion
  • Funding for local farmers
  • Restoring local biodiversity

In one simple act, we will be close to the planet and its people.

Logo 3Bee

With 3Bee, we have adopted a beehive

Bees play a fundamental role for humans and the environment. That’s why we have embraced the beehive adoption project, committing to protect 300,000 bees.

Our beehive is located in Netro, in the province of Biella, and our queen is named Janis Joplin.

Agile working

Since September 2022, we have effectively implemented agile working within the company, guaranteed by an individual indefinite-term agreement signed at the time of employment.

This is because one of our company values is the well-being of individuals and the opportunity for them to find a balance between personal and work time.

We are committed to a continuous search for improvement of the implemented agile working model, drawing from both our experience and what is happening around us, as we are aware that we are still in an experimental phase.


Logo Galdus

Galdus Training

We are partners with Galdus, an organization that has been providing post-diploma training courses for over 20 years, contributing to the professional requalification and employment placement of many young individuals.

Fundación Mujer Levántate

Support for the “Mujer, levántate” Foundation in Chile

We support the “Mujer, levántate” foundation, which focuses on providing tangible support to women transitioning from prisons, helping them build a different future.

94% percent of women who have participated in the programs of the Mujer Levántate Foundation have succeeded in this endeavor.”

Corporate Welfare

We constantly strive to improve the work and life quality of our employees. To achieve this, we have implemented the following programs:

  • Baby Voucher: The ‘Baby Voucher’ initiative involves a supplementary contribution of 200 euros per month for the first three years for new parents. This can be received either as part of the salary or through a welfare platform. It’s our way of being close to our people, even in moments of extreme happiness and change, such as the birth of children.
  • Fuerteventura: The opportunity to work for two weeks a year in the beautiful Fuerteventura from October to December, with accommodation and breakfast provided by ATS. Those who wish to experience this opportunity only need to take care of their airfare.
  • ATS Happy Hour: Conviviality is a must at ATS, and relationships and dialogue are encouraged both during work hours and outside the strictly work-related setting. In other words, we enjoy spending time together at the end of a long and intense day. The ‘ATS Happy Hour’ initiative includes four evenings a year (one per quarter) of conviviality: we choose where to meet, and the company covers the cost of the first two drinks.
  • Gympass: We have partnered with Gympass, the world’s largest platform, to ensure corporate well-being, providing unlimited access to top sports centers and specialized well-being partners. Through this agreement, our employees enjoy exclusive rates, discounted on average by more than 50%, for all available plans. Not only that, but the same subscription conditions are available for up to 3 family members per employee!
  • Welfare Hub: Each employee benefits from a multichannel digital platform that allows them to choose from numerous products and services, in accordance with current tax regulations.
  • Health Insurance: Each employee benefits from the Supplementary Health Assistance Fund with the annual fee paid by ATS, as stipulated by the applicable National Collective Labor Agreement (CCNL).
  • Total Referral: The opportunity to directly contribute to the company’s growth and earn more by referring potential candidates or clients. Successful referrals resulting in a new hire or acquisition of a new client entitle individuals to financial bonuses!


Sustainable technological development can only be implemented starting with people and governance choices that put them at the forefront.

Schema modello governance ATS NEXT

ATS NEXT is an agile and flexible model designed to tackle the continuous changes in the market. It is based on collaboration and the sharing of challenges, knowledge, and skills, providing individuals with greater opportunities to express themselves, take on responsibilities, and turn their passion into a profession.

Data Security

  • Internal awareness
  • External training
  • Internal, external, and client audits
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Appointment of system administrators for employees directly handling client data

Internal Webinars
Our monthly internal webinar allows us to share a space and time, to stay connected and in touch, to update ourselves on company projects and initiatives, and also to connect with the world outside the company by inviting external speakers.