the partner for service delivery management

At ATS, operations services are provided by a highly specialized team with a deep knowledge of the adopted technologies and covered business areas:

Capital market
Credit management

In addition to our application solutions, we provide hardware infrastructure management services for third-party applications.

We manage both on-premise and cloud solutions, and in addition to application management services in the strict sense, our team is capable of delivering both facility management and help desk services, meeting every scalability need.

Our Operational Services

We provide first-level help desk services directly to end users:

• direct access point with a dedicated hotline and email
• 24/7 support
• management of the incident lifecycle
• application and functional support
• customized escalation procedures
• real-time monitoring dashboard
• service level reporting in accordance with SLAs

We deliver application management services using advanced monitoring tools:

event management: We monitor the entire application lifecycle
service request: we support all intervention or information requests, whether standard or specific
incident management: We restore services as quickly as possible, minimizing
business impact and ensuring compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
change management: We implement software update processes, keeping track of the interventions

We provide facility management services, ensuring the best service levels in terms of:

provision of hardware and network infrastructure: We collaborate with leading providers of technological infrastructure
in the market, including those specialized in accessing financial markets
high availability: we design solutions that ensure service continuity with levels close to 100%
system and DB administration: we provide all assistance and administration services with 24/7 coverage
disaster recovery: we provide secondary sites for restoring operations in case of a disaster within
the established RTO and RPO.