Enables seamless cooperation between legacy systems and new technology applications


Unleash the potential of your AS400/IBM I data and facilitate the innovation processes of your application landscape.

With SDI (Smart Data Integrator), you can tackle new information system modernization projects without disrupting business operations.

It supports various approaches to modernization.

Migration to a new system

Linking legacy AS400/IBM I applications with new technology applications during the transition period, which typically requires a long-term parallel.

Progressive modernization

Accompanying the AS400/IBM I system with other applications and utilizing legacy system data more effectively by initiating a gradual evolution.

Smart integration

Making the information managed by AS400/IBM I available to Cloud/Web applications without needing to intervene with legacy applications.

The benefits of the solution


All applications use
the same data in a synchronized manner.


Customizable to individual needs
for capturing and propagating information.


No-code based,
it speeds up implementation.


Monitoring tools
for tracking data transfer progress.


Transfer of only useful data.
Avoids unnecessary management costs of non-significant data sets.


Enables integration with
microservices applications.


With SDI, legacy data is promptly accessible to modern applications (e-commerce, CRM, business-critical applications) or in scenarios where Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can leverage their analytical power.

Information as
the focal point.


SDI applies the Change Data Capture technique for the automatic and immediate replication of data from DB2 AS400/IBM I to a target system: database (SQL or NoSQL), Data Lake, APIs, …

Ensures data consistency and quality.

CDC Engine

Real-time interception of modification events in the source database and their streaming propagation.

Data Enrichment engine

Data enrichment and mashing aimed at creating more structured data for simplified distribution to destination databases and feeding other event management systems.

Anti Corruption Layer

Ensures data integrity while adhering to the destination database model, thanks to advanced configuration mapping functionalities between models.

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