Automate receipt collection with Artificial Intelligence

MAIA – Artificial Intelligence Aided Matching is the solution for the analysis and automatic matching of collections/credit portfolio. Also applicable in other management areas where advanced reconciliation functions are required.

MAIA enhances productivity and limits the risk of errors when reconciling large volumes of data. It drastically reduces the manual activities necessary for data recognition, validation and matching, using high-performance algorithms that automate the process.

The application scope is broad, and the resulting benefits are available to companies operating in various sectors.

  • Consumer Credit, Loans, and Fifth Assignment: payment matching and reconciliation of collections from financing installments;
  • Insurance: matching and reconciliation between policies, cash sheets, and statements from brokers and intermediaries;
  • Utilities: matching and reconciliation between multiple collection channels and due or overdue invoices.

Speed and accurancy in reconciliations.

Precise automatic matching

MAIA’s advanced algorithmic matching engine combines a set of proven rules for matching structured and unstructured data, ensuring accurate and reliable results that help increase the quality of controls and reduce errors.

Assisted manual pairing

The application allows the operator to quickly confirm the pairing proposal made by the system or, if necessary, manually make a different pairing, managing any special situations.

Continuous machine learning

MAIA’s learning system acquires information from manual matches made by operators and uses them to further improve the algorithm’s performance over time.

Matching history and monitoring

MAIA provides detailed statistics on managed payments, an archive of all processed payments and a collection balancing function that allows you to monitor the status of open items in real time.

The benefits of the solution


Automated management allows for real-time data processing, eliminating delays and reducing operational costs.


Powerful search functions are available for the existing data, using cross-search criteria or full text.


The system assists the operator by providing suggestions for manual management of the pairing.


The technology guarantees accurate and reliable results, improving the quality of checks and reducing errors.


By optimizing the use of company resources, the application is able to generate significant savings of a structural nature.


It can be installed on premises or in the cloud. It is also possible to use the solution in Product as a Service (PaaS) mode.


AI to support performance

With MAIA, AI becomes a powerful support tool to improve the quality of actions and effectively cancel work peaks.

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