The Banking Group, specializing in loans aimed at families through fifth assignment loans, TFS, and personal loans, as well as SMEs, has automated and internalized the activity, significantly reducing costs and risks.

Giancarlo Spandre, Head of the Collection Department at ViViBanca, discusses it.

The fifth assignment of salary is a type of personal loan that involves repayment of installments through direct deduction from the worker’s salary. The deducted amount is transferred from the employer to the financial institution that granted the loan.

“ The reconciliation of installments with the repayment plan is a fundamental but burdensome activity for us. There are indeed more than 9,000 transfers per month to match with their respective files, and the completely unstructured nature of this payment method increases the difficulties, requiring a significant effort in the reconciliation phases ”.

Giancarlo Spandre explains.

Giancarlo Spandre, Head of the Collection Department at ViViBanca

The challenge: automating the process while maintaining full control

Automating and streamlining this process through the adoption of a specialized system has been a significant challenge that has led to tangible results.

With MAIA (Artificial Intelligence Aided Matching) by ATS, we have automated over 80% of the matches at the moment and have successfully internalized the process – previously outsourced – resulting in cost-saving and efficiency benefits.”

The flexibility of MAIA has allowed for the customization of the solution to specific data exchange requirements and integration with ViViBanca’s systems.

“Manual interventions are kept to a minimum. The system’s highly intuitive interface provides us with a clear, real-time view of matches executed automatically and assists the operator in manual management with suggestions on the most likely matching cases. Within moments, the match is confirmed and correctly recorded in the management system

AI supporting performance

“The advanced self-learning function of MAIA allows us to continuously refine the level of automation and efficiency, and has enabled us to see how AI can be a powerful tool for improving the quality of actions and effectively eliminating workload spikes.”.

Furthermore, MAIA doesn’t stop here; it’s moving to a new level. Indeed, there is an ongoing enhancement of AI functionalities that will further empower the recognition and matching system, increasing the level of automation.