By using ATS’s MAIA (Artificial Intelligence Aided Matching), the financial intermediary specializing in microcredit has drastically reduced the manual activities required for data recognition, validation, and matching.

Simone Chiodo, IT and Organization Manager at PerMicro, discusses it.

PerMicro is a financial intermediary that has been providing loans and microloans to businesses and families for about 16 years, with the aim of promoting financial and social inclusion for its clients.

The loan lifecycle, which involves disbursing credit and customers repaying debt through periodic payments, is the most important process for a company like ours. We needed to increase operational efficiency in managing significant collection volumes, thus finding a solution that would allow us to be fast and, at the same time, precise in recording transactions, optimizing processing times for banking flows while maintaining high quality control”.

explains Simone Chiodo

Giancarlo Spandre - Responsabile Direzione collection ViViBanca

Smart Management of the Collection Matching Process

MAIA comes into play during the collection acquisition phase to match the received payment with the customer’s account. Thanks to the use of powerful algorithms, the matching occurs automatically even when the information on the bank transfer is virtually nonexistent.

The operator in the collections office only needs to download the electronic flows from the bank and input them into MAIA using quick and intuitive functions that minimize errors.

Tangible Results

“The system was launched in just a few days, and after an initial adjustment phase, we achieved significant efficiency and registration speed benefits. Just consider that, in just three months of use, we went from an initial 30% automatic matching of collections to clients to the current 90%. Now, only a minimal percentage of the collections we receive each day require manual intervention.”

We have not only reduced operational costs but also improved the quality of controls, gaining efficiency”.

Growing functionalities

The system’s ability to self-learn, coupled with the option to train it manually, will further enhance the achieved results.

“Furthermore, we have several ideas under consideration to enable full management of the collections lifecycle by integrating other payment modes into MAIA. These ideas range from server-to-server connections with partner companies to integration with third-party services