Sesa Group, a leading operator in the field of technological innovation and IT and digital services for the business segment, acquires 75% of the capital of ATS – Advanced Technology Solutions through Base Digitale Group.

ATS S.P.A., a company specialized in the development of software solutions and digital platforms for the Capital Market industry, NPL, and digital transformation solutions, joins SESA Group through its subsidiary, Base Digitale Group (“BDG”), thus strengthening its expertise in developing digital platforms and IT consulting for the Financial Services segment.

The corporate partnership with BDG entails maintaining ownership stakes and involving Ing. Piero Firpo and the other founding partners of ATS in the management, with the aim of leveraging their digital expertise and human capital within the Group, thus contributing to generating sustainable value.

As part of one of the most significant groups in technological and digital innovation at the national level, new development opportunities will arise for the company and its clients through the offering of technological solutions that effectively address evolving trends and the complex challenges of the finance sector.

For years, ATS has been investing in Artificial Intelligence solutions integrated into its platforms to serve Financial Market operators and in Quantitative Investing solutions for defining personalized strategies and using algorithmic models based on quantitative finance to support investment decisions and their execution. Cutting-edge expertise and technological solutions that will enrich the value proposition of Sesa/Base Digitale Group and enable ATS to grow and expand its network in the domestic and international markets.