ATS at the 30th ASSIOM FOREX Congress

Genova February 9-10, 2024 – Magazzini del cotone

ATS is a sponsor of the 30th annual Congress of financial market professionals, which will take place in Genova on February 9-10 at the “Magazzini del Cotone”, in the picturesque area of the historic port.

The annual event has always been an opportunity for discussion, of fundamental importance for operators, banks and Institutions, on the most relevant issues related to financial markets.

At ATS, for 30 years, we have been operating in the capital market sector, actively participating in the ongoing technological innovation that characterizes the world of finance.

We have developed an ecosystem of interconnected and hyper-automated proprietary solutions that simplify, accelerate, and unify the workflow of trading and investment decision-making.

Our solutions are based on cutting-edge proprietary technological platforms that, by integrating low latency, AI models, and quantitative trading models, bring the finance business to high levels of competitiveness.

At the congress, you can find us in the exhibition area (booth 9) to meet our specialists in AI and quant trading, and to discuss new approaches to trading and investment strategies, fully supported by our platforms, designed and developed to respond to the current evolutionary trends in capital markets.