ATS 30 years into the future: from automation to hyper-automation
The event celebrating ATS’s 30 years explores technological evolution in the Capital Market and Enterprise world: hyper-automation, artificial intelligence, algo-trading.

ATS-Advanced Technology Solutions celebrates its 30 years, alongside clients and partners, with a significant event to be held in Milan, at the striking location of STEP FuturAbility District.

It will be a journey between past and future in the world of the Capital Market and Enterprise, where guests can experience an immersive journey into the ATS world driven by innovation and continuous research, always with an eye towards to the future and the constant development of both new technologies in the capital market and new enterprise technologies.

Esteemed testimonials of innovation in the finance, consulting, and technology world will discuss the future, engaging in conversations about the new era of hyper-automation. A process of extreme and absolute digitalization, driven by generative AI, aiming to innovate the technological infrastructure of our society, the way we live, and, most importantly, the organizational structure of businesses, the way we work, and even more deeply, production processes.

The debate, moderated by Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, Professor of Strategy at Bocconi University School of Management, features prominent figures such as Ciro Pietroluongo, General Manager MTS (Euronext) – Paolo Cederle, Head of Financial Services Continental Europe NTT Data – Paolo Gianturco, Senior Partner Deloitte Consulting – Clelia Tosi, Head of Fintech District.

This unique opportunity allows for an assessment of the organizational effects of technological evolution and the challenges that await us, involving the entire ecosystem of relationships between private entities, financial actors, and public institutions.