Milan, 11 January 2023 – ATS continues to expand its EXP and EXP.0 trading platforms with new features that promptly respond to the technological, operational and regulatory evolution that characterizes the Capital Market.

EXP|PTS Portfolio Trading System is the new solution dedicated to repo trading on MTS/MMF.

EXP|PTS is a single, integrated system that fits between the position keeping systems and target market platforms, and optimizes the desk’s operating process: from managing positions to monitoring trading on the markets.

“User experience, speed and a high degree of automation are the points we have worked on to offer traders an efficient tool that frees them from repetitive activities – explains Rino Tranzillo, Head of Capital Market Solutions of ATS. EXP | PTS is already used by some of our customers who immediately benefited from a significant operational improvement that has allowed them to quintuple their traded volumes”.

EXP | PTS makes the activity of traders easier. It allows in fact to promptly seize market opportunities and consequently increase the volumes traded.

EXP|PTS guarantees:

reduction of operational risk with ex-ante controls of positions and operating limits when sending transactions to the market.

automatism in the management of the positions with the real-time updating of the commitments, upon dispatch of the operations, and of the negotiations, upon receiving the executions.

greater control of trading with the continuous management of the return rates of the proposals on the market, through adjustment algorithms.

The trader has intuitive widgets and dashboards available that make it easier to view the information, speed up the operator’s actions, facilitate the entry of operations on a single position and simplify entry of aggregated proposals on multiple positions.

With EXP|PTS, MTS/MMF participants can take advantage of a tool with a high level of automation that guarantees correct operations in real-time and allows them to strengthen their positioning on one of the most important repo markets in Europe.