Since more than 25 years, our trading solutions  are used by most important Italian banks and securities firms, by market companies and by reference service providers for the financial sector.

Our products constantly evolve across three directions:

  • adaptation to the regulatory evolution
  • technological and performing evolution
  • extension of functions

We constantly keep an eye on regulatory evolution, in order to provide compliant IT solution and facilitate fulfilments.

EXP, ATS proprietary OMS / EMS product, is evolving to a low-latency  platform with very high performances and low costs.

Through our participated Sparkling Rocks S.r.l. we are developing most flexible algo trading technology.

During our long industrial partnership with SIA S.p.a. we matured a significant experience in capital market, building especially critical and complex platforms in the field of  compliance, surveillance, and European government bonds (MTS).


We also operate in the field of asset management and financial consulting in partnership with ARCOBA S.r.l.




Post-Trade and Compliance


Asset  Management


Ai Solutions for Financial Markets


Solutions for Automatic Trading



Our platform, EXP manages the entire life cycle of trading activity, both on own account and customer account, fully complying with MIFID2 (adequacy, execution policy, internalisation).

EXP provides integrated solutions (OMS, EMS, deal capture, record keeping, transaction reporting) capable of completely supporting the trading operation process of buy-side and sell-side operators. It offers multi-asset and multi-currency functionalities for trading, market data feed and dissemination and for connectivity to markets, brokers and clients (order capture).

EXP.0 is our low-latency solution, oriented to buy-side and sell-side operators having low-latency as a primary requirement. EXP.0 provides solutions for order routing, for HFT market access (in proximity) and for algo trading with cross-times even lower than one millisecond.

In order to develop EXP.0 and the proprietary infrastructure upon which it is based, 0LF (Zero Latency Fabric), we took advantage of the contribution of research department of primary university (Hamburg, Pisa).

EXP/EXP.0 solutions can be deployed on-premise, as well as offered in a SaaS fashion

In the framework of an industrial partnership with SIA S.p.a., ATS contributes to the development and evolution of the platform directed to all markets operated by MTS S.p.a. for the negotiation of EU government bonds.



In the framework of our partnership with SIA S.p.a., ATS contributed to the development of a platform providing all required functionalities for a complete integration of post-trading message exchange.

Furthermore, we make available most advanced technologies for supporting compliance, always keeping in mind the evolution of the reference regulatory framework. Specifically, we gathered a significant experience in the development and maintenance of market surveillance and financial market control.



We operate in partnership with ARCOBA S.r.l., owner of IRIDIS platform.


IRIDIS is an integrated information system for asset management and independent consulting, capable of responding to the operative requirements of banks, asset management companies, security firms and trusts.

It is a unique and modular platform, also available in a SaaS fashion. Its features allow the implementation of a single integrated process for regulatory fulfilments: MIFID compliance controls, product governance, target market and reporting to surveillance authorities.



In the framework of our partnership with Università Politecnica delle Marche (Polytechnic Institute of Marche region) and through our subsidiary ATS ReLab, we study and develop solutions based on artificial intelligence models applied to financial markets.

Our work, starting from a serious scientific research already recognised by a publication on IEEE Access, is based on three pillars:

  • post-trade analysis functionalities, in order to unfold operativity through high explainability models;
  • predictive pre-trade functionalities, in order to guide operativity in real time by generating signals that OMS / EMS and automated trading platforms can directly use;
  • the integration into machine learning models of highly diversified data sources such as market data, micro- and macro-economic indicators, news.



With our R&D team we develop sophisticated algo trading functions, integrated into EXP.0, ATS proprietary OMS /EMS product. EXP.0 is therefore capable of supporting a fully programmable automated trading with low-latency class performance.

We also operate through our investee company Sparkling Rocks S.r.l., owner of Jagged Island algo trading platform.

Jagged Island allows a quantitative and automated operativity on financial markets based on programmable models, both proprietary and third party. It is intended as a highly professional and innovative instrument, with intuitive graphics and equipped with native integrations with main trading systems and information providers, such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv.