Our purpose:

blending energy, passion, and technology to create value, constantly aware of people’s centrality.

This is how we express our fundamental aspiration to create value for ourselves and our clients.Thanks to their experience and expertise, people at ATS can develop Processes, Solutions, and Products.
We have been on the market for over 25 years, and, step by step, we have become a knowledge-intensive company, able to combine technology and business competences:

  • technical know-how related to edge- technology architecture, to methodology, and to the instruments we use to develop projects and to provide services;
  • more vertical business know-how in our traditional business core concerning capital markets, more horizontal in other sectors, where our capability to understand business requirements, to derive IT requirements, and to define functional specifications, and, therefore, the logical and technical solution outline is swiftly set forth. 

Not only do methodology and technique count. Experience is fundamental, as a consequence of the variety, size, and complexity of the projects we have developed in these past years.



Since February 2018, we have implemented a new self-management-oriented organization model thanks to the contribution of LEAPFROG LEAPFROGexperts.

Its principles are:

  • transparency
  • autonomy
  • inclusive decisional processes
  • combined intelligence
  • self-evolution

This model is agile and flexible, suitable to face continuous market changes and it is based upon mutual trust, as well as shared knowledge and competence . People from ATS can express their potential in full in this setting working at once in a more autonomous, creative and responsible way . Last but not least, they can operate with greater pleasure and passion.

Who we
really are

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