Modernizing legacy systems

We gradually guide companies through change, allowing coexistence between legacy and new technologies.

Our data integration software frees data from legacy platforms to make them accessible and usable in real-time for various new-tech applications, adding value across different points of the organization, through legacy modernization.

SMART DATA INTEGRATOR is the change data capture software for the automatic replication of data (inserts/updates) from databases (e.g., DB2) to “new technology” systems (RDBMS SQL, NoSQL, Streams, …) in near real-time mode.

  • Legacy data available for modernized applications, portals, business intelligence, artificial intelligence;
  • Near real-time data replication enabling faster and more accurate decisions;
  • Scalability and cloud utilization options (private, public, hybrid);
  • Reduction in data transfer times and costs to cloud infrastructures: only modified data is transferred;
  • Gradual approach to modernization (no big-bang) and decoupling between modernized and legacy applications.


Artificial Intelligence Aided Matching

Accelerates the payment reconciliation process.

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For centralized management of certified email.

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