Artificial Intelligence Aided Matching

MAIA –Artificial Intelligence Aided Matching is the solution developed by ATS for the analysis and matching of receipts and complex data.

It drastically reduces manual activities required for the recognition, validation, and matching of data through powerful automatic matching algorithms and a modern, user-friendly interface.

The application scope of data matching automation is broad, and the resulting benefits are available to companies operating in various sectors.

  • Consumer Credit, Loans, and Fifth Assignment payment matching and reconciliation of collections from financing installments;
  • Insurance, matching and reconciliation between policies, cash sheets, and statements from brokers and intermediaries
  • Utilities, matching and reconciliation between multiple collection channels and due or overdue invoices.

MAIA leads to significant increases in operational performance:

  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Elimination of delays and workload peaks
  • Qualitative improvement of controls
  • Flexibility and more rational use of resources
  • Increased traceability of actions.

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