EXS|routing is the solution to send orders among financial traders, clients and brokers, with integrated order management functions.
The solution simplifies, uniforms and hides to systems and users all phases of order management: connection, dialogues and message exchange.

High performance and high reliability are the fundamental values of the platform, empowered by functionalities which ensure a full message control for users:

  • functionalities to manage order sorting and the corresponding messages, and to verify orders correctness
  • functionalities to monitor status of received and sent orders
  • possibility of defining delivery priorities according to message type
  • management of deadlines, with possibility of defining a new message destination, either automatically or manually, in case of no connection.


The solution is further qualified by its capability of reacting to continuous changes, quickly, riskless and with minor costs, in order to:

  • manage data transformation with no impact on the communication ways selected by sender and addressee of messages
  • manage more than one protocol, and add new communication protocols in a quick and transparent way
  • manage data format changes with no impact on applications