EXS|info is the solution for market menagers and information providers, to let them disseminate market data to operators and applications.

The solution manages data retrieval from different sources, through advanced functionalities, ensuring data format uniformity and high performance in the dissemination phase.

EXP|info is based on some characteristic features:

    • includes all functionalities required to accomplish data dissemination
    • enables integration of all sources
    • provides all data dissemination modes
    • minimizes data latency in the system

The system handles different information types: negotiated instruments data, market depth (prices and orders), prices (last, open, close, …), statistical data, messages, news.

Transcoding, normalization, aggregation and organization functionalities enable a real-time, uniform and integrated dissemination of data coming from various markets.
Data dissemination takes place in different ways, so as to satisfy individual needs:

  • technologically advanced GUI, to provide views of distributed data in various forms and aggregations
  • Excel interface, to fill Excel sheets with the distributed data
  • programmable interface, to allow applications to access all functions and data
  • one single connection, to enable access to all data coming from all sources (multi-market)

Integration of a new source is accomplished simply by installing the corresponding module. No modification to system, GUI or linked customer application is required.