EXP| order collection is the solution designed to support brokerage activities aimed at acquiring orders coming from institutional customers, and at automatically sorting and delivering them to trading markets or to national and foreign markets, through order routing circuits or direct fixed FIX Connections.

Furthermore, it provides clients with  forms to acquire orders from the bank systems (e.g. bank shops, back office, trading on line, etc.) and to deliver them to proper brokers. It manages incoming flows by routing orders to the proper execution channel, according to addressing criteria which can be configured by considering  order data or order customer’s characteristics (e.g. source channel,  instrument, execution venue, customer’s account).

Brokers can make available more than one routing option to their institutional customers:

  • Best Execution through smart order routing
  • Direct Market Access (DMA)
  • Execution Desk Access (EDA)

The collection system enables automatic and customized management of orders received after trading times or concerning a suspended instrument, and of orders valid for more than one day.

Furthermore, it allows you to control operations generated in interconnected channels,  by managing operational limits to be applied in compliance with filters set by Borsa Italiana, and by managing customers’ exposure on markets,

referred to difference of price (in comparison to reference/control price), tradable quantity limits, counter-value limits.

The operator can in real-time configure, enable or disable operation limits to be applied on daily or order basis, and determine actions to be taken on orders which exceed set thresholds (reject an order or  manually manage it).

EXP| order collection generates and sends operations to back office systems in real time or in scheduled times.


EXP| trading on line is an advanced trading on line system, which retail banks can supply to their customers, shaping different characteristics to meet different target types and providing simplified functions for customers with limited experience, advanced functions for heavy traders:

  • position monitoring
  • orders and stop, orders monitoring
  • push or pull book through quick order
  • diagrams and public information

Orders are directly channeled to markets, through order routing circuits, through standard communication with Brokers (e.g. FIX protocol), or through the bank back-office systems, with extremely reduced execution times.

Customers can access trading on line functions and public information, and can monitor their own position even through mobile devices.

EXP|trading on line works in integration with back office systems to feed accounting and settlement procedures concerning executed transactions. Automatic sending to back office can take place either in real time or in times scheduled according to the back office receive ways.


EXP|advisory is the solution supporting advisory services, which meets the protection and MIFID transparency requirements, involving the customer in the decisional process as appropriate.
Strong points:

  • capability of working in real-time, to supply updated and transparent information, and immediate alerts

risk evaluation, on a single instrument and on portfolio, to precisely evaluate the risks concerning the entire position

    • integration with orders management systems, to send orders to the market, in real-time
    • multi-channels solution to manage customer relationship everywhere and supply direct services
    • customization of specific organization needs and of the supplied service level

The solution provides functions to manage customer’s position, checks appropriateness and suitability in real-time,

enables forecasts by means of functions simulating portfolio in “what if” logic, and manages the entire lifecycle of the order.
In addition, it makes available services on web and mobile channels to advisors and customers, by which the portfolio position and the compliance with risk profile can be verified everywhere and in real-time.