Monitoring the “customer retention”

Retail Bank

Business intelligence system for the collection and analysis of data related to the consistency of customers’ assets and their variation with time, discovery of critical situations and management of the operational workflow for the recovery of “critical” customers.

The solution allowed the Bank to single out in advance customers potentially critical as for abandon, and to promptly start recovery actions.

Futhermore, summary information on the customer at risk, together with the visibility of active campaigns and incentives useful to manage retention, have increased the relationship quality.

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Increasing the analytic capability

Bank specialized in credit to consumer goods

Construction and keeping of a DWH for corporate reporting and Data Quality related to processes concerning all credit technical forms, meeting the different analysis requirements of the three involved organization areas: risk management, business and management control.

The whole reporting system has turned into a more efficient control system, which makes also the decision process quicker.

Business Intelligence, Risk management 

Analysing quality and usage of services provided by cards portal and call center

Group of Banks

Powerful dynamic reporting system, which supports marketing during the analysis phase, thanks to a punctual segmentation of information made available through different analysis criteria, and which can be defined by users in a simple and quick way, also by means of views which allow users to study the historical trend.

 Business Intelligence, Banks, credit cards, marketing

Monitoring crucial processes in a continuous and focused way

Company specialized in credit

Realisation of a multi-department system, based on a Universe fed by the company data base used for business intelligence, related to all company processes: risk analysis, management control, commercial activities, payment irregularity.

Business Intelligence, credits, risk analysis